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Application Process and Forms

Application Steps

Please fill out all IMT Applications and Forms electronically and E-Sign with the understanding that  the Applicant and IMT agree to the use of electronic signatures as a legally binding method of signing this Agreement and Forms. The parties hereby agree that either party may electronically sign by utilizing a digital signature.

STEP ONE: Application Form

Fill up the online application form at this link.

STEP TWO: Physician's Certificate

In order to participate on an IMT guided trek or climb, we require you to have a physician’s certificate and to submit that certificate at your earliest convenience or at least 90 days of your Trek/Climb. You can download a printable medical form here.

STEP THREE: Passport Information and Personal Photo

​Please provide IMT with a color copy of the first two pages of your Passport which shows your name, signature, date of birth, passport number and citizenship. Please insure that your Passport is valid for no less than 6 months after the trip.

In order to obtain your trekking permit, please provide IMT with an electronic photo of your head and shoulders, no hat or glasses, looking straight at the camera. Please send this photo to

STEP FOUR: Payment Information

IMT is pleased to offer our clients 2 quick and easy online payment options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer which allows you to pay directly from your bank with no additional fees;

  • or by Credit Card. Please note that A 3% surcharge will be applied to all credit card transactions.

You can pay online at this link.


We will notify you by email when we have received your completed Application and that you have been accepted for participation in an IMT trek/climb. We will send you additional instructions and updates to your email address.


You are required to purchase medical evacuation coverage for the duration of your trek. It is essential that within 20 days of making your initial deposit to IMT, you should contact Mark Reineke at: 1-866-979-6753.  Let him know you are an IMT client as he is familiar with our insurance requirements. We also strongly encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance as IMT does not provide refunds..

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