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Online Application: Form 1

1. IMT General Terms

and Conditions

2. Personal


3. Emergency

Contact Information

4. Assumption of Risk, Waiver, Release and Indemnification

General: (1) International Mountain Trekking, Inc. “IMT” has the right to deny participation to anyone due to any criteria which in our judgment would subject the participant to undo risk of injury. By your submission of an Application, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions for that participant. (2) IMT Participants must be prepared physically, mentally and technically for the specific program designed for your trek/climb. In the event IMT determines that a participant is unable to safely complete a trek/climb, IMT has the right to terminate that person from the trek/climb. (3) All forms must be completed accurately and truthfully including all medical information, physical training and prior mountaineering experience. (4) IMT has the right to change or cancel the trek/climb itinerary or the use of helicopters when circumstances such as weather, mountain conditions or other factors in our judgment require a change in plans. (5) IMT, at its complete discretion, reserves the right to terminate a client’s continued participation in the trek if the client is found to be either physically or emotionally incapable of continuing. Any and all costs associated with this termination shall be borne entirely by the client.  (6) All IMT participants authorize IMT to use their image in any photograph or video recording made during the trek for marketing and promotional uses. (7) All IMT participants understand and agree that no specific trekking or climbing objectives are guaranteed. (8) All IMT participants agree they are required to purchase personal medical evacuation insurance including rescue, in order to participate in an IMT trek/climb. This insurance coverage must be purchased within 20 days of making your initial application deposit with IMT. (9) All accommodation prices are based on double occupancy. If you prefer single occupancy, we will adjust your fee accordingly. (10) All IMT participants agree and accept that during a trek/climb, there may occur certain unforeseen events which may necessitate additional costs for example, medical treatment, rescue, lost or damaged clothing or personal equipment and the like. If these costs are not covered by your travel insurance plan, you will be responsible and agree to reimburse IMT for these costs.

Trek Cancellation Policy: IMT has the right to cancel a trek/climb for any reason prior to departure. If that should happen, IMT will refund all application and trek/climb fees paid. Should a cancellation occur and IMT has refunded all fees paid, you agree to release IMT from any liability.
Payment: (1) In order to participate in an IMT trek/climb all applicants must submit an Application Fee of US $1,000 or the equivalent. This fee is then applied to the total cost of your trek/climb. Please include this payment with your completed Application Forms. (2) The remaining balance for your trek/climb is due 90 days prior to your arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal.
IMT Refund Policy: If for any reason, your application for participation in an IMT trek/climb is rejected by us – for example for health reasons -- your application fee will be fully refunded. Once you have been approved to participate, however, and if you notify us prior to 90 days of your arrival in Nepal, that you wish to cancel your trip with IMT, 50% of your Application fee will be refunded. After this date (90 days prior to arrival in Nepal), all application and trekking or climbing fees are then deemed non-refundable.


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